Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces
Aria Mala Atelier

Custom Tantric Mala Necklaces

Regular price €259.00

SAT NAM Beautiful Soul,

I am so excited for you that you consider designing a special Tantric Mala* for yourself. It is absolutely one of the best life long gift you could every imagine. You may create your own 416 beads Tantric Mala Necklace with your favorite gemstone(s) in order to being in contact with the White Tantric flow that promotes prosperity, happiness, physical and mental health, and elevation.

We can start by selecting a specific gemstone and identifying your special healing inquiries. Either way it is an exciting one-of-a-kind journey to let you have your dream Tantric mala which will empower you, make you feel at ease in connection with your inner self.

Your handmade custom Tantric mala will be crafted by me with materials all individually selected by me from historical, authentic and mesmerising Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. I craft them in my Atelier in the heart of Berlin.

We can start this magical journey by selecting the main gemstone and accordingly I can recommend additional gemstones to let you have a nice combination of gemstone pair, an authentic design for you. I'll be providing 3-5 times email consultation to guarantee you are clear on your idea & intention. I will be generally able to complete your mala for delivery in 2-4 weeks however, prices and estimations can only be given once you decide all the materials you would like to have in your custom Tantric mala.


Tantric mala necklaces are inspired by the Kundalini Yoga practice and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan made a reference to a certain geometrical design that contained the Z-Tantric energy in the form of a necklace used in ancient times and used by spiritual masters to enhance meditation. Tantric Necklace is consisted of 416 beads that arranged in a specific geometric pattern. The patterns can be related to the most fundamental aspects of human life such as Astrology, five elements of Chinese philosophy, 8 limbs of Yoga and such...

Due to its unique design tantric necklace reflects Tantric energy similar to that of White Tantric. 

Yogi Bhajan said ”Whoever wears a Tantric Necklace shall be blessed by me personally and shall continuously receive the healing, comforting and elevating energy of White Tantric Yoga”

Just to give you an idea with the gemstones listed below price would be around 259-299 Euro:

- Agate
- Amazonite
- Amethyst
- Aquamarine
- Blue eye Jasper
- Brown Jasper
- Coral
- Fluorite
- Garnet
- Jade
- Jasper
- Labradorit
- Lapis Lazuli
- Lavastone
- Moonstone
- Murano
- Onyx

- Obsidian
- Prenhite
- Rhodonite
- Sandalwood
- Shell stone
- Smoky Quartz
- Sun stone
- Unakite

Once we have selected the gemstone we may add crystal or metal connector beads either rose, silver or bronze color. If you have a special inquiry such as using silver and gold connector beads, I'll provide you an offer.

I am happy to be able to create a special Tantric mala for you to let you discover your inner rainbow, your life energy.



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