Mala Workshops

108 Beads Mala Making & Meditation Workshop,

12 March 2022, Yoga Japa Berlin

We invite you to beautiful and sacred world of mala beads*. You will choose beads for your mala among a variety of gemstones, crystals and seeds, colourful threads & tassels by your intuition in order to make your authentic, unique mala. You will set your intention for your mala and meditate to seal your intention to your mala with my guidance.

By the end of the workshop besides creating your own unique mala and sealing your intention into your mala, you will grasp information on what a mala is with its origins; how to select gemstone beads and a mantra for your practice and how to meditate with your mala. 

Time: 13:00-17:30

Venue: Yoga Japa

Ticket: 89€ (All Materials included, variety of gemstones, woods, seeds, connector beads, charms, pendants, threads, tassel and a protective mala sac.)

*Mala Necklaces inspired by thousands of years of wisdom. A mala is a string of beads used traditionally to count each recitation of a mantra. Malas are powerful and symbolic tools for yoga & meditation that expresses the devotion of the wearer. Mala beads are most of the time made with a combination of gemstones, crystals and seed beads. You activate healing properties of these precious gemstones to create a life aligned with your authentic truth by setting an intention from your heart.

Elif is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and spiritual jewelry designer. 
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